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 Enterprise Architecture by  TOGAF and ArchiMate or Zachman Framework, MDA,

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Enterprise Architecture

An Enterprise Architecture is an integrating framework for enabling the alignment of business strategy and technology capability.

It is composed of the following perspectives:


Business Perspective









and Technical Perspective



application (systems)


technology (IT)






An Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides the blueprint for integration, change and managment of your IT assets within the context of your business vision, goals and objectives. A well-crafted, flexible Enterprise Architecture can be your organization’s most valuable IT asset.


Enterprise Architecture services brings to you an unparalleled body of knowledge and expertise. We have a reputation for delivering outstanding results on exceptionally complex business initiatives. We have significant experience defining Enterprise Architectures using industry standard approaches such as the Zachman Framework for Enterpise Architecture as well as IDEF based approaches, including IDEF0 (Functional Modeling), IDEF3 (Process Modeling) and IDEF1X (Data Modeling).


Enterprise Architecture by TOGAF & ArchiMate

TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a set of tools and libraries for enterprise architecture which provides a comprehensive approach to designing, planning, implementation and management of enterprise information architecture. TOGAF is processed consortium The Open Group. TOGAF is a holistic approach to design at a high level, which is typically modeled at four levels: business, applications, data and technology.


ArchiMate is an open, independent modeling language for enterprise architecture (Enterprise Architecture) is a world-recognized standard. It is processed by a consortium Open Group, based on the IEEE 1471 standard and supported by different manufacturers and consulting companies


Enterprise Architecture by Zachman Framework

Zachman Framework is a world recognized standard for specifying the essential elements of the enterprise architecture (Enterprise Architecture), primarily designed for modeling knowledge for businesses and organizations. It is defined as a description representing a simple logical structure for identifying models that serve as the basis for a description of the business and for building enterprise systems.





Business Process Modeling

Business model usually involves a wider range of information such as a model system because business processes are not always fully supported by IS. Modeling business is a key role in restructuring the company as well as evaluating and improving / optimizing the operations of the company. The BPM can be to the individual business processes and activities, assign the performance parameters identified on the basis of evaluation with the help of BPM tool (reports and simulation) can identify the key, or only support the most demanding processes and, accordingly, focus on improvement (reingineering) of business processes to deliver the greatest business benefits.

Modeling a business, especially business process model and organizational structure is part of the certification standards of the company under STN ISO 9001:2000 and also depending on the role of modeling business processes become crucial in the development of individual businesses.


To promote the appropriate use of modeling tools for process modeling (BPM/BPR)  and in the knowledge that is part of our company methodology Meridian in this area.







Enterprise Architecture Management, IT Architecture, standards and tools


The area of ​​analysis and modeling of functional architecture, Enterprise Architecture are applied these design standards:

Methods of processing the functional architecture of the information system (EDEN CONSULTING/LBMS/Select Business Solutions) based on the methodology Select Perspective and software tool Select Process Director - for use and maintenance methodologies.

The methodology is based on ontological standard / perspectives in the field of modeling Enterprise Architecture - Zachman Framework.

UML (Unified Modeling Language) of Consortium OMG (Object Management Group).

BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) of consortium OMG (Object Management Group) - a standard for modeling business processes.


ArchiMate and TOGAF (ArchiMate, an Open Group Standard, is an open and independent modelling language for enterprise architecture, supported by different tool vendors and consulting firms).

CASE toolsSelect Architect, Visual Paradigm, Archi (Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool), QPR Enterprise Architecture, BiZZdesign Architect, Sparx Enterprise Architect



The area of ​​analysis and modeling are applied to the TA project standards:
Methods of processing technical architecture information system (EDEN CONSULTING)
The methodology is based on a corresponding standard ontological / perspectives in the field of modeling Enterprise Architecture - Zachman Framework.

Software tools - CA netViz Desktop or Enterprise CA netViz (netViz/Computer Associates) and relational database management system Microsoft Access or MS SQL Server (Microsoft Corp.) or Oracle (Oracle Corp.)


Software tools - netTerrain (Graphical Networks) and relational database management system MS SQL Server (Microsoft Corp.).


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