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Enterprise Architecture
IT Architecture
Business Process Modeling
UML modeling
IT&COM infrastructure
IT Service Management/ITIL







Consulting Services :
* for information technologies area
* for complex integrated information systems
* system integration
* for project management (PM)
* for geographics information systems (GIS)
* for automated mapping&facilities management (AM/FM)
* for enterprise/spatial resource planning (ERP/SRP) systems
* for visual modeling, analyses and design with UML notation

* for Enterprise Architecture
* for business process modeling & reingineering (BPM/BPR) with BPMN notation

* for ITIL and ITSM implementation

* for IT Asset Management and Inventory Management systems implementation

* for Strategic management by Balanced ScoreCard



Business process modeling and reingineering (BPM/BPR) :
* projects of business process modeling & reingineering (BPM/BPR) with BPMN notation


Document Management Systems
* Solution proposal and deployment of Document Management Systems using by M-Files DMS..


Project management (PM) :
* for large and complex IT projects
* planning and managing for IT projects
* for implementation of PM systems
* methodology support for PM

IT strategy and project audits :
* preparing IT strategy
* IT audit realizations
* functional and technical IT architecture

Project realisation :
* complex IT projects for utilities companies (gas, energy, transportation, telecomunication, ...) and industry companies
* complex IT projects for municipal information systems (MIS)
* GIS/AM/FM and SRP systems (with GE Smallworld GIS, ORACLE, Bentley Systems and MapInfo technologies)
* Architecture of large and complex information systems (Aplicational/functional and technical architecture of IS)
* visual modeling, OOA&D in UML notation
* BPM/BPR in BPMN notation

* IT Asset Management systems

* Balanced Scorecard systems






EDEN CONSULTING development and integration process is based on our extended project experiences, standard object oriented and component based development approaches (Select Perspective, Enterprise Component Modeling and UML), new disciplines of visual modeling and process engineering and the best IT and software engineering practices. The process implements iterative-incremental development, relative short release cycles and short term task. 




















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