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IT Architecture

The term IT Architecture summarizes all static and dynamic aspects of IT (information technology) in organizations. These aspects include the infrastructure like hardware, software an  data as well as the management of IT (configuration and capacity planning, load balancing, data backup, availability, reliability, disaster-planning, etc.). Furthermore functional aspects such as the necessary interfaces that provide a frictionless IT support of the business processes of organizations are part of the IT architecture.


Similarly, as a model information system can be modeled and the company/organization both from a procedural perspective business processes modeling (BPM - Business Process Modeling). As well as the professional-term problem, using Object-oriented analysis and design (OOA&D and UML).



Achitecture of Information System (IT Architecture)

- basic information about logical and physical structure of IS on the highest level of abstraction,

- -expressed by IS architecture model.

 IS on architecture level is modeled by two basic aspects :










Functional architecture

Defines IS as an unit from functional point of view.

It is composed by Functional IS architecture model, which provides conceptual point of view for IS, for an organization activities towards outside environment which are supported by IS, for specification of individual subsystems in IS, their connections and interfaces up to architecture of implementation realization by specific software applications and data warehouses.






Modeling Techniques for IT Architecture :

• OMG Business Motivation Model

• Business Process Model (BPMN or Catalyst)

• Requirements Management

• UseCase model

• Object Sequence Diagram (UML)

• Class Diagram (UML)

• State Transition Diagram (UML)

• Object Collaboration Diagram (UML)

• Activity Diagram (UML)

• Entity Relationship and ERA diagram


Business Motivation Model (BMM)     Business Process Model (BPMN)          Use Case Model (UML)



Sequence Diagram (UML)                   Class Diagram (UML)                           Physical Data Model




Technical architecture

Defines physical environment in which specific information system is implemented and administered.

It describes technical, communication and system infrastructure and by this it creates physical frame for IS as a unit, as well as for individual components and subsystems.

Technical architecture of information system is realized by creation of technical architecture model, which presents mutual relationships, topology and number of technical IS infrastructure components.





IT Architecture, standards and tools


The area of ​​analysis and modeling of functional architecture, as part a Enterprise Architecture are applied these design standards:

Methods of processing the functional architecture of the information system (EDEN CONSULTING/LBMS/Select Business Solutions) based on the methodology Select Perspective and software tool Select Process Director - for use and maintenance methodologies.

The methodology is based on ontological standard / perspectives in the field of modeling Enterprise Architecture - Zachman Framework.

UML (Unified Modeling Language) of Consortium OMG (Object Management Group).

BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) of consortium OMG (Object Management Group) - a standard for modeling business processes.

CASE tool - Select Architect or Visual Paradigm.


The area of ​​analysis and modeling are applied to the TA project standards:
Methods of processing technical architecture information system (EDEN CONSULTING)
The methodology is based on a corresponding standard ontological / perspectives in the field of modeling Enterprise Architecture - Zachman Framework.

Software tools - CA netViz Desktop or Enterprise CA netViz (netViz/Computer Associates) and relational data management system Microsoft Access or MS SQL Server (Microsoft Corp.) or Oracle (Oracle Corp.)


Software tools - netTerrain (Graphical Networks) and relational data management system MS SQL Server (Microsoft Corp.).


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