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 Visual modeling of information systems, UML, OOA&D

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                                                                                                                                      ... 90 % of solution is understanding the problem.


The need of IS modeling

-For better understanding of reality (and real object relationships), issues and content, which should be supported by information system it is not enough to describe it verbally, but it is necessary to express it also by model.

For modeling we use visual modeling approach !


-For visual modeling we use standardized tools as methodologies, techniques, tools (CASE), notations (UML, BPMN), in other words unified “visual” language for model expression.

-System modeled like this is clear and readable to all touched parts (managers, analysts, designers, programmers) and to users.

-IS model allows to identify needed impacts and changes into system/application and their evaluation, and this is done without the need of direct impact into application program.

With IS model there is created suitable project documentation, usable at IS operations, its maintenance and development.








Goals of IS analysis and modeling


Goal of analysis and modeling in project realization of IS is :

-Specification of user requirements for information system

-Mapping of company processes

-Creation and maintenance of project model

-Separate processing of logical and implementation of projects model

-Support of technical architecture designing and changes

-Creation of current project documentation

-Company know-how concentration and its IS by IT supporting

-Increasing reliability of IS solution

-To have basic document for authorized decision-making about changes in IS

On level of IS architecture also :

-Creation of conceptual IS model

-Creation of unified logical IS model

-IS model maintenance in correspondence with partial projects

-Identification and maintenance of application interfaces between individual projects

-Requirements definition for new projects








We use these CASE tools for UML modeling :

- Select Architect

- Visual Paradigm

- Sparx Enterprise Architect

- Archi (ArchiMate Modelling Tool)




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