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 Business Process Modeling (BPM/BPR)

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Business Process Modeling

Business model usually involves a wider range of information such as a model system because business processes are not always fully supported by IS. Modeling business is a key role in restructuring the company as well as evaluating and improving / optimizing the operations of the company.




The BPM can be to the individual business processes and activities, assign the performance parameters identified on the basis of evaluation with the help of BPM tool (reports and simulation) can identify the key, or only support the most demanding processes and, accordingly, focus on improvement (reingineering) of business processes to deliver the greatest business benefits.

Modeling a business, especially business process model and organizational structure is part of the certification standards of the company under STN ISO 9001:2000 and also depending on the role of modeling business processes become crucial in the development of individual businesses.



To promote the appropriate use of modeling tools for process modeling (BPM/BPR)  and in the knowledge that is part of our company methodology Meridian in this area.





BPM standards and tools


The area of ​​analysis and modeling of business process are applied these design standards:

Methods of processing the Business process management (EDEN CONSULTING/LBMS/Select Business Solutions) based on the methodology Select Perspective and software tool Select Process Director - for use and maintenance methodologies.

BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) of consortium OMG (Object Management Group) - a standard for modeling business processes.

CASE tool - Select Architect , QPR Process Designer or Visual Paradigm.


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