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EA by TOGAF and ArchiMate
EA - Zachman Framework






EDEN CONSULTING company has to prepare the following complex solutions.


Enterprise Architecture Management

Complex solutions for the modeling Enterprise Architecture by Zachman Framework and Enteprise Architecture Management.


IT Service Management

Service Support Manager is complete solution of IT Service Management according to ITIL, technology-based Solutions Business Manager.


IT Asset Management

Complete solution of IT Asset Management and IT&COM Inventory Management base on sw technology Express Software Manager.



Based on years of expertise in the field, our knowledge and methodological approaches (from project management, system analysis and design, GIS technology and software solutions for the AM/FM), we have a ready reference solution for GIS/AM/FM and SRP especially for utilities company (gas, energy, telco) and for management of basic registers/cadastre (cadastre land, addressable system, street system, land administration system).


Document Management Systems (DMS)
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Complete solution for DMS/ECM/EIM base on sw technology M-Files DMS.


Reference models

We have processed the reference models by models in CASE tool (OOA&D, UML, BPMN).
These models specify individual problem areas and create a knowledge base of EDEN CONSULTING company. We can use this knowledge base in the preparation and deployment of IS for a particular customer.


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