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What is CA netVIZ ?

CA netVIZ® is a drawing program that creates data-enriched graphics. Using netVIZ, you can graphically record the physical and logical relationships between elements of a network, system or process, and you can embed—in the graphics—textual information describing those elements. netVIZ runs on personal computers equipped with the Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/2008 operating system.



What can you do with netViz ?

netVIZ can be used to draw a variety of business and information systems such as :

– computer and telecommunication networks

– business processes

– transportation and logistics systems and

– other complex networks, systems and processes of any kind.


In these contexts, with netVIZ you can :

– design

– model

– analyze

– document

– manage

– plan

– roubleshoot and

– provide support.


Because its drag-and-drop work space requires no special skills, netVIZ can be used by :

– business and systems analysts

– MIS and computer managers

– software and database developers

– network administrators and

– help desk and troubleshooting personnel.



netVIZ Enterprise

netVIZ Enterprise is a server-based product that allows enterprises to publish netVIZ projects, diagrams and documents to a server for viewing and collaboration over the Internet or an intranet. 


Graphics and data on the Web: Use netVIZ Enterprise to publish mission-critical information about your IT infrastructure, workflows, and employee or customer information. Anyone with access to projects can see diagrams and their underlying information. netVIZ Enterprise projects are hierarchical—users can drill down through complex systems and explore interdiagram connections between objects.


Scalable vector graphics: Just right-click and drag to enlarge any portion of an netVIZ Enterprise diagram. netVIZ Enterprise provides consistent high-quality graphics regardless of the zoom level. 


Embed external documents: It’s easy to embed external files like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and more within your netVIZ Enterprise projects. This provides network access to employee-contact information, form letters, corporate guidelines, customer data and more.


Mark up projects from user desktops: Because selected groups of stakeholders can easily mark up projects, your documentation becomes a living reference. Real-time enterprise-wide access to user comments promotes immediate feedback and encourages team members and customers to participate in the documentation or design process. Users can add freehand markups or place text right on diagrams. Text-based annotations are also available in the form of “notes” left on diagrams for review and response by all participants. All text-based annotations and responses are recorded so you can easily see an entire communication thread, including who said what, and when they said it.


Edit embedded data from user desktops: Those with appropriate access permissions can change project data from their computers. A single click from the netVIZ desktop ensures that modifications made in netViz Enterprise are recorded in the original netViz project.


Access controls: Manage exposure to sensitive information with integrated access controls. By assigning group and individual permissions, project authors control access to enterprise data. Permissions can apply to projects, project branches and individual diagrams. Permission levels include no access, read only access, read/annotate, read/annotate/edit data and read/annotate/edit data/delete annotations. Besides its internal access controls, netViz Enterprise integrates with Windows Active Directory for access and management convenience.


netViz Enterprise consists of a database and several software components:

netVIZ Enterprise Database is a repository for published netVIZ projects, user accounts and related data hosted by a Microsoft SQL Server

netVIZ Enterprise Server is a transparent interface between netVIZ Enterprise Rich Client/Web Client users and the Microsoft SQL Server.

netVIZ Enterprise Rich Client provides a netViz-like interface to published netVIZ projects. Depending on assigned permissions, users may have extensive interaction with projects, including the ability to change embedded data and add annotations.

netVIZ Enterprise Web Client provides read-only access to published netViz projects through popular Web browsers.

netVIZ Enterprise Administration Console provides an environment for managing netVIZ Enterprise Servers and Databases.

netVIZ Enterprise publishing DLLs, in the netVIZ\Program directory, enables netVIZ Project Author users to publish, and refresh, projects on the netVIZ Enterprise system.



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