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 QPR Process Guide - BPM/BPR visual modeling tool

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To implement and update business process model should provide a means of modeling. Based on the company's methodology Meridian. We use modern approaches, methodologies for modeling business processes (BPM/BPR) and tools supporting visual modeling BPM/BPR in BPMN notation.



QPR ProcessDesigner  (QPR Software LBMS)


QPR ProcessDesigner is CASE tool for modeling and optimization of business processes (BPM/BPR).

QPR ProcessDesigner is an interactive software committing people to processes.
QPR ProcessDesigner customers operate in various fields of business, including telecommunications, information technology, health care, banking, logistics and manufacturing. QPR ProcessDesigner is also being used successfully in the public sector.

QPR ProcessDesigner helps you to maximize the bottom-line impact of process improvement efforts through effective communication. It supports all elements of business processes - from modeling and documentation, communicating, measurement and analysis, to continuous process management and improvement.

With the powerful, easy-to-use QPR ProcessDesigner, you can:
- Create comprehensive business process models to illustrate the current status of operations
- Standardize work practices by designing uniform guidelines e.g. for quality systems
- Reengineer and improve your business processes to ensure optimized flow of materials, resources and information
- Communicate processes effectively with graphically attractive flowcharts via the interactive web client.
- Work with action plans and comments in the same web client.
- Inform about changes with Briefing Booklets.
- Provide strategic process mapping or performance management solution by integrating processes with Balanced ScoreCard measures.
- Simulate processes to identify potential bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization and validate improvements.
- Analyze processes, illustrate and benchmark results with the highly visual and easy-to-understand graphs and reports of QPR ProcessDesigner.










Modeling Languages

BPMN modeling language

Business Process Modeling Notation  (BPMN) - a standardized modeling language for modeling business processes, supported by a consortium Object Management Group  (OMG)



Meridian - Methodology for the analysis of information system

* The methodology for the analysis of the functional architecture (V.3.x) - methods of analysis and modeling global model, which includes business process modeling (BPM/BPR) in the BPMN notation.


Based on the methodology used, output documents meet all the key terms of standards of the ISO 9000.

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