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 IT Service Management by ITIL (ServiceDesk, HelpDesk)

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What is ITIL ?

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is globally recognized across the IT Service Management (ITSM) industry as the best practice framework for managing IT services. Used by thousands of organizations around the world, the application of ITIL best practices is proven to deliver real-world, bottom-line results. Based on a set of guideline publications, ITIL sets out a process and lifecycle based approach to managing the delivery and support of IT services, with a focus on delivering value to the business.


IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT services are critical to an organization's ability to deliver value to customers. By implementing an ITSM strategy, you can improve equality, agility and efficiency of IT services.



IT Service Management is a discipline for the management of IT that drives a shift from reactive fire-fighting to proactive innovation, supported by ITSM best practices captured in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It represents an opportunity to implement improvements to IT that have a knock-on effect on the profitability of the business:

- Reduce the cost of IT while increasing the value

- Improve customer satisfaction and retention

- Take new lines of business to market faster through increased IT agility



The Benefits of ITSM

Cut IT costs

    * Streamline IT support through automation of processes
    * Optimize resource usage through better visibility and planning
    * Measure, monitor and reduce cost of service provision


Maximize productivity and customer retention through better services and support

    * External IT support is more responsive and consistent, increasing customer satisfaction and retention
    * Internal IT support is more effective, keeping business users productive and increasing capacity to generate revenue


Gain a competitive edge through increased agility

    * Become more responsive to the needs of the business
    * Streamline IT support and drive a transformation from reactive to proactive IT
    * Take new lines of business to market quicker through faster delivery of supporting IT services


Mitigate risk and ensure business continuity

    * Plan changes and assess impact
    * Escalate decision-making to management

Implement an effective and well-planned IT Service Management strategy to deliver IT services better, faster and cheaper. The ITSM discipline is now mature enough to deliver simultaneous improvements in service quality, cost and speed of new service delivery. The higher the IT Service Management maturity, the greater these effects are amplified.


The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is the single source of truth for IT, underpinning all IT Service Management (ITSM) activities by providing a complete model of the IT infrastructure. The ITIL CMDB allows greater understanding of the business services and supporting infrastructure, enabling strategic planning and risk mitigation by linking infrastructure items to the applications and business services they support. The CMDB is an essential tool for managing the complexity of IT and supported business services in today’s dynamic business environment.




Service Support Manager represents a new process-driven approach to ITSM – one that allows business and IT to work together, in perfect harmony. Unlike traditional ITSM solutions that are difficult to use, expensive to maintain, and provide limited visibility across the service delivery lifecycle, Service Support Manager, the winner of Pink Elephant’s ITIL Innovation of the Year award, draws on the power of a process management platform at its core to provide you with the following benefits:

- Lowers TCO Complete visibility

- Improved user satisfaction and agent productivity

- A contemporary, “single face” for IT

- Option to deploy on premise or as SaaS








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