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 netTerrain - IT&COM infrastructure visual modeling, diagramming and collaboration solution

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netTerrain is an enterprise-grade, web-based, scalable network modeling and documentation software that provides powerful pictorial visualizations of your IT network, enterprise architecture and business processes. netTerrain easy-to-use, real-time data-driven diagramming capabilities delivers insights that enable you need to efficiently manage your IT network, systems and related processes.


Feature-rich network visualization capabilities:

- Web-based, enterprise-grade, distributed platform

- Flexibility of delivery options: on-demand (SaaS) or licensed software

- Data-driven logical network visual diagrams

- Built-in integration toolkit with CA netViz, MS Visio and spreadsheet import features to automate data entry and populate diagrams

- Create and access real-time configurable attributes of any node or link and drill down to embedded data with a simple click

- Easy-to-use search and hierarchy browser to navigate diagrams

- Multi-user access and collaboration with comments, notes, and real-time uploads

- Inter-diagram links to connect objects on different diagrams

- Easily create visual overrides to track attributes based on custom criteria

- Plug-in free framework – no flash or add-ons are needed

- Embedded report engine, export feature and database audit trail

- Secure platform, including Active Directory support

Speed data inventory

Accelerate data entry and documentation time with our Integration toolkit with built-in adapters


Multi-User Collaboration

Web-based, single source repository with multi-users facilitates common shared knowledge and collaborative decision making


Optimize Capacity Planning and Decision Making

Comprehensive logical network topology provides insights to uncover missing, underutilized or vulnerable assets as well as support optimal capacity planning and utilization


Improve Service Reliability and Availability

Quickly uncover and isolate root causes of incidents and problems and speed time to repair


Gain Control, Governance and Compliance

Accurate documentation of network assets enables data integrity, accountability and regulatory compliance.



netTerrain Architecture




















As an alternative to classical desktop tools such as CA netViz or Visio, Graphical Networks’ netTerrain product offers web-based visuals and diagrams that posess embedded data and hierarchical drill-down capabilities, making it the best-of-breed web-based Visualization package in the market.




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