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                                                                                                                                           ... 90 % of solution is understanding the problem.


For the period the scope of our company we acquired a fairly broad knowledge that is captured by the models in various areas. These areas are modeled in the form of business processes in BPMN notation or form of object-oriented analysis and design (OOA&D) in UML notation. 







Reference models (the problem domain)
It is processed using the visual modeling in the form of object- oriented analysis UML with CASE tool support, supplemented by model business processes .

Contains processed , these areas/domains :
Basic registers - Entities ( population register , trade register , register of legal entities ), spatial structure , system of addresses
Real Estate Cadastre
Geo- system ( geodetic network, points and fields, geodetic coordinate systems )
The natural environment
Technical Environment (utility networks, transport networks , ... )

Comprehensive reference models
Reference model of the insurance industry
Reference model of distribution (utilities) company

The selected part of the reference model and the distribution of insurance can be used as appropriate know-how and processing architecture model from other areas , built on the sale of services and products to customers.



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