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 Solutions Business Manager - business process automation

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System MicroFocus Solutions Business Manager (before as erena Business Manager)  (MicroFocus-SERENA/LBMS) is a web platform for process management, allowing modeled and then repeatedly and consistently carry out the strings that pass across the entire organization. Solutions Business Manager deployment leads to continuous development of interrelated automated processes to improve team collaboration and consistent use of best practices and result in a reduction in costs and risks.



Solutions Business Manager, compared to other tools for process management characterized by broad configuration of not requiring expensive programming. The other key feature is a fast implementation and relatively low requirements for operation and maintenance.


The processes through automated tool Solutions Business Manager can work as you expect. The implementation is based on your habits and of good practices and they are transformed into a systematically conceived, has repeatedly carried out processes. Repeatability and predictable helps timeliness and efficient use of resources.


Through an intuitive graphical workflow editor, you can easily define and refine processes are very complex. Solutions Business Manager apparatus has a proposal for a flexible web forms consisting of individual fields for communications in the process. Individual processes can also easily tie and using automated actions to achieve their mutual integration.


Solutions Business Manager works on the principle roles, responsible for various activities within the process. Each participant in the process to see what is to be implemented/carried out, who he has done and what will follow. Automatic notification via e-mail messages provide smooth scrolling works in the process. In the case of non-standard course can be automatically sent escalation report, which will ensure timely implementation of remedies.


Users interface is customized for each role in a home page that makes available the necessary information. Itself to the user to customize the shape reflecting the most frequently used views. In addition, the user can choose your own relevant events, which wants to be notified by e-mail notifications. All these settings are made without any programming. Generated views may take the form of extracts, tables or graphs and can be used to detect trends and follow the automated optimization process. The graphical views can be defined tolerance limits, which facilitate the visual indication of deviation.


Solutions Business Manager allows for easy design changes implemented processes. Transferred changes are immediately operational without interruption of operation. More complex changes requiring verification prior to deployment into the production system can be initially operated in parallel to debug a test server.


Any action by the user completes the Solutions Business Manager are recorded in history, so it is then possible to trace the details of each activity. These data support the historical responsibility and an effective basis for conducting audits and gradual process optimization.


Solutions Business Manager contains resources for easy location of the user interface web client into different languages, making the LBMS company created czech version.


Solutions Business Manager is designed as a tool for widely open, providing the means for easy integration with other corporate systems infrastructure. For these purposes, it is possible to use the technology of web services or API, allowing the program to the level of call features normally available from the user interface. Due to the transparency of the structure of the database schema Solutions Business Manager can also provide integration at the database level.


Process Orchestration from Start to Finish

- Highly accessible for today’s mobile workforce.

- Rapidly create and evolve process-application.


Solutions Business Manager is a workflow system that brings vast productivity improvement to all phases of process automation. Process participants value SBM for its orchestrating effect on their workflow, whether they contribute to, manage or monitor an IT or business process. Stakeholders achieve more throughput, with auditable visibility and a zeroing-out of busywork. SBM’s clean and modern Work Center is their portal into this process efficiency.Those who automate IT and business processes value SBM for its ultra-quick development and deployment capabilities. Whether tailoring an off-the-shelf process-application, cloning and modifying an existing one, or composing one from scratch, SBM Composer allows them to exceed expectations for rapid delivery of process-applications.



The benefits of the deployment:

- Repeatable, enforceable, and easily auditable processes

- Improving the flow of information and cooperation among participants,

- The introduction of a consistent approach across all process entities and effective coordination of all activities

- The ability of pre-verification process efficiency to their gradual optimization

- Ensuring transparency throughout the process with defining metrics for measuring quality

- A consistent application of best practices

- To achieve conformity with the norms and standards such as ITIL, ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, CMMI, SixSigma and more.

Solutions Business Manager are consistently based on Web technology, allowing easy access to all users without any installation or modification of client stations. This technology means to achieve high flexibility and at the same time ensuring low operating costs and administration.


Device for setting the user rights of low granularity allows safe and direct sharing of data with colleagues, partner organizations and other entities, regardless of their geographic location.


Solutions Business Manager allow users to use the authentication service is compatible with LDAP and secure to support a single login to the system (Single sign-on).


Web Server allows you to use multiprocessor systems, making it easy to ensure adequate performance and also its increase for the next wider use. Solutions Business Manager is designed so that the database, web server and notification server could be a requirement for very high power installed on separate computers.


Web Server
* Microsoft IIS 6.0, 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0 (Windows)

* Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012
* Oracle a 11g

* Firefox 4.0 and 5.x
* MS IE 6.0, 7.0
* Netscape 7.2 and  8.1
* Mozilla 1.7.7

* Sea Monkey 2.x
* Safari 2.0.3
* Mobile device (Blacberry, Palm, Pocket PC)

Hardware Requirements - Server
* 800 MHz or higher uniprocessor
* 1 gigabyte RAM
* 2,5 gigabyte of free disk space

* 2 multi-GHz or higher
* 4 gigabytes RAM
* 10 gigabytes of free disk space

Areas of deployment

Solutions Business Manager are applications in organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to the industrial, telecommunications, or financial giants. The scope includes all processes using the nature of the workflow that is efficient automated.

Prepared by input from the LBMS and SERENA.

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