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 GE Smallworld GIS - technology for AM/FM/GIS and SRP

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For GIS/AM/FM or for SRP systems, we are using GE Smallworld GIS, ORACLE RDBMS and ORACLE Spatial,, Solutions Business Manager, MapInfo or Bentley Systems sw technologies. 





GE Smallworld (GE Energy) is the most powerful automated mapping/facilities management (AM/FM) product on the market today. Developed using 1990s technology, it delivers comprehensive core functionality right out of the box. Where customization is required, GE Smallworld GIS provides a powerful object-oriented development environment.


GE Smallworld GIS also offers concurrent user database access, an advanced transaction management technique, and integration across multiple system platforms, running on UNIX as well as Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP operating systems. Utilities around the world are realizing that Smallworld is the next generation of GIS. By rethinking GIS from the ground up, Smallworld has solved the problems stemming from four fundamental GIS obstacles:

Data capture
– the single biggest cost in implementing a new system
– most systems strain under the volume of data and th scale the tasks involved
– every organization's needs are different; no single out-of-the-box solution is going to meet all needs
– most systems are discontinuous; data and functions s be provided in one seamless environment



Smallworld's radically different system architecture delivers three constant benefits:
– dramatically decreases the time and cost of GIS implementation,delivering faster operational use and minimizing the time required to realize return on investment
– reduces the cost of actually owning and operating a GIS once it's installed preserves your investment in technology by embracing industry standards and using an open systems architecture As the only new technology written specifically to solve today's and tomorrow's utility problems, GE Smallworld GIS offers unique and innovative features such as:

– virtual database manager that seamlessly incorporates your choice o databases such as Oracle, DB2, Ingres, and Sybase
– high level of integration between different kinds of data, such as ma image digital terrain models, and corporate information
– ability to manipulate graphic data in mixed formats, allowing users to begin background raster map data and later augment or substitute with vector formats

– sophisticated and open development environment, the key element of which is Smallworld Magik, an interactive object-oriented programming language
– unique version management mechanism which allows concurrent ac by thousands of users
– data capture techniques that allow attributes, geometry, and topology to be captured in one pass over a totally seamless mapbase




Features & Benefits


Usability & Business Process Support

Focus on business process and operational efficiency has created a revolutionary look and feel based on industry standards and tools. New users can complete routine tasks more efficiently, reducing operational costs and facilitating faster introduction of business-critical applications.

– Improved productivity through faster keyboard interaction

– Faster learning for new users and quicker adoption of new applications

– Single-click access to key features

– More efficient use of screen space

– Simple configuration of specific user tasks

– Development tools for building standard interfaces

– Simplified plotting including plot series and PDF generation

– User-focused ad hoc querying including wizards for occasional users

– Ability to export data to other applications

– Locally extensible, industry-standard HTML help

Taking Data to the User

Smallworld 4 is designed for remote access, providing the benefits of Smallworld technology to the workforce in the field. Timely access to accurate data in the field improves productivity, reduces wasted trips and enhances operational safety.

– Access to data where you want it, when you want it

– Detached and wireless access

– Flexible data distribution to match business processes

– Optimized for field workers and appropriate hardware

– Fewer site visits and windshield time

– Increased safety through access to accurate data in the field

– Increased data accuracy through field data audit and update

– Accurate job planning: the right tools, spares and skills in the right place at the right time

– Built-in quality assurance

Future-Proof Technology & Performance

State-of-the-art architecture propels the only technology base designed exclusively for geospatial applications into the next generation. Clean encapsulation of optimized, reusable application components enables rapid development. The resulting reduction in custom code drives down ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs. Code restructuring and enhanced integration capability lead to faster, more reliable plug-and-play applications.

– Proven, scalable, robust technology

– Greater emphasis on early user feedback in design phase

– Reusable code and design for delivering process-focused applications

– Common application components: build once, use many times

– Reduced custom code (60 percent reduction across Smallworld's own product set)

– Reduced total cost of ownership through standard components (reduced maintenance and implementation costs)

– Reliable plug-and-play applications

– Authorization controlled by a predicate (spatial authorization)

– Improved plot performance for large format images

– Integration ready: EAI/SBI/SIAS (GML/WMS)

Compatibility at a Glance

Smallworld 5 eliminates confusion over product compatibility. Simplified release numbering means all applications designated version 5 work with Smallworld 5, leveraging its powerful architecture. Portfolio releases support product rollout planning and interoperability. In addition, easy-to-understand migration and adoption routes support corporate planning.





The Smallworld 5 Product Suite Portfolio


GE Smallworld portfolio consists of the following key modules:
• Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™
      • Smallworld Spatial Object Managers™
      • Smallworld Schematic Generator™
      • Smallworld DXF Translator™
      • FME Smallworld Suite™
      • Smallworld EAI Toolkit™
      • Smallworld Business Integrator™ for SAP R/3®
• Smallworld Internet Application Server™
• Smallworld Spatial Intelligence™
• Smallworld Field Information System™
• Smallworld Design Manager™
• Smallworld PTI Interface™
• Smallworld Corridor Manager™
• Smallworld PowerOn®
• Smallworld Physical Network Inventory™
• Smallworld Logical Network Inventory™
• Smallworld Gateway Network Inventory™






Smallworld Geospatial Software Integration With Oracle Applicatons

GE's Smallworld geospatial software suite, designed specifically to manage network facilities, offers flexible and effective solutions for integrating with Oracle products. Oracle application-based organizations can maximize their Oracle investment and realize the benefits of GE powerful network solution for effective, complete, and lower-cost management of their data and facility assets.

GE's seamless integration strategy with Oracle provides key benefits to the network, the utility industry and other customers:

– Lower cost of ownership through supported, integrated industry applications

– One-point of access to all spatial and tabular enterprise data

– Compliance to mandated "100% Oracle Solution" enterprise database

– Compatibility with Oracle 11g and Oracle 10g


GE Oracle Solution Suite

GE's Geospatial Oracle solution set consists of five modules that can be used individually or in various combinations:

Oracle Spatial SOM: Allows Oracle Spatial data to be used as if it were native Smallworld data, enabling view, edit, insertion, update and deletion of Oracle Spatial data from the Smallworld environment. Allows combined modeling of Smallworld and Oracle Spatial data.



Oracle Interface: Allows view and analysis of Oracle data tables within the Smallworld session.

Oracle Workspace Manager (OWM) SOM: Enables multiple, concurrent views of an entire database for large numbers of users - enabling the long transaction cycle in Oracle.

InSync: Publishes attribute and spatial data from the Smallworld environment for access by the organizations' other Oracle based applications and conversely allows changes in Oracle to be reflected in the Smallworld application.

Repository: Allows the entire Smallworld solution to be embedded in Oracle for database management, backup, and machine maximization while preserving access to Smallworld software's powerful network tracing, support for internal worlds, and long transaction functionality.



Figure 2. The combination of Oracle tools from GE can be deployed to reach 100% Oracle database utilization.


Additional Benefits for the Network Utility Enterprise

The solutions provided for Oracle applications by GE can enable your organization to:

– Propogate changes, save time and reduce errors with one-time data edit or entry through GE products (in the field or office) through a centralized Oracle database, and out to financial, work management, customer information, and other corporate systems

– Reduce IT labor by implementing Smallworld Repository on Oracle, allowing the Smallworld and Oracle databases to be administered simultaneously

– Achieve improved system performance of spatial analysis applications with the carefully balanced client-server architecture that optimizes data storage and analysis

– Provide a current, seamless, and consistent database environment to department based applications across the enterprise



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