IT Consulting and IT Management Strategy

UML modeling and Enterprise Architecture

Mapping of IT&COM infrastructure

DevOps, IT Governnance, IT Agility



IT Service Management, ITIL

Business process modeling, automation, orchestration

AM/FM/GIS and SRP systems



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EDEN CONSULTING is a company providing consulting, advisory and implementation services in the area :

- Information technology (IT),

- Preparing and implementation of complex IS or ERP,

- Strategic management by ScoreCard,

- IT Project Management,

- modeling and management of Enterprise Architecture,

- Modeling, automation, optimization and orchestration of business processes,

- UML visual modeling of information systems,

- Mapping and visualization of IT&COM infrastructure, visualization of IT&COM devices from CMDB,

- IT Service Management (ITSM) by ITIL,

- DevOps, IT Governance, IT Agility,

- IT Asset Management,

- GIS/AM/FM and SRP,

- Document Management Systems (DMS),

- Enterprise Content Management (ECM),

- Enterprise Information Management (EIM).


In our projects and solutions to consistently use the principles object-oriented approaches, visual modeling, process and project management.


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